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The heart of our business since 1996 has been Tonkin Cane poles for building bamboo fly rods. This is Arundinaria amabilis (aka: Pseudosasa amabilis) the primary bamboo used by rod making masters around the world since the early 1900ís. We work very closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure that we maintain the very highest quality standards.

Hundreds of different kinds of bamboo have been used in various fashions for fly-rods and fishing poles. Over and over again people return to this Tonkin for itís renown depth of ìpowerî fibers, widely-spaced and flat nodes, natural straightness, straw-yellow color and relatively clean surface.

Tonkin for fly-rods receive our utmost attention here at The Bamboo Broker. We strive to maintain the highest standard of quality with regards to the bamboo that we sell as well as our customer service.

12' x 1 7/8" [366 cm x 48-50mm]
1-4 bundles $210/ea
5+ bundles $195/ea
The Little Pretties! Smaller poles often have cleaner enamel and these slender culms will prove their point! If you’re going blonde, and/or building 2-3 weights, these may be the perfect ticket! Just under 2? with ample power fiber, these slightly undersized poles are ready to be put to the test!


STANDARD - 10 pcs/bundle      Sold Out
12' x 2-5" [366 cm x 50-62 mm]
1-4 bundles $260/ea
5+ bundles $235/ea
These are the bulk of our business with rod-makers. These are grade-A poles that I have individually hand selected in China. I try to only select culms that are appropriate for the construction of world-class fly-rods. Many of this year's poles do have cosmetic marks but they are on par with our stock from 2011-2013 which was very well received by rod-makers throughout the world. These are void of any farmerís (slash) marks or burn marks. Bug marks and branch nodes are unavoidable but minimal.

12' x 2-2.5" [366 cm x 50-62 mm]
1-4 bundles $270/ea
5+ bundles $250/ea
A new category for 2014. We had a nice run of cleaner-than-average poles this year. Still some cosmetic blems in these poles but by and large, these should work for most anyone building blonde rods. I've not seen a run of clean cane like this since 2009 and I don't know if we'll see these again after this year.


XL - 8 pcs/bundle      Sold Out
12' x 2.5"+ [366 cm x 62+ mm]
The XL's have started at 2.25" and this year, we had so many large poles that we bumped up our minimum size here to 2.5" (nominal measurement... please read through the FAQ's for more information on sizing). There are some monsters here! As a mysterious but general rule of bamboo-nature, the large poles often have more cosmetic marks than the smaller pieces. These poles are still guaranteed to be void of farmer’s and burn marks and visible bug marks are minimal; the primary difference is that these larger poles may have more spots, water-marks or greenish streaks running on the enamel. None of these should affect the physical properties of the cane and many will disappear in the building process. These are the premier poles for those of you constructing 6+ weight rods.

12' x 2.5"+ [366 cm x 62+ mm]
Another new addition. Similar to the Blondes described above only larger in diameter. These are very limited in supply so please get in touch soon if interested.


HALVES - 10 pcs (5 12' poles cut in half)       Sold Out
6' x 2" [183 cm x 50-62mm]
These are our Standard poles cut in half. This is a perfect start for new rod-makers or for anyone who just needs a few poles. There are 5 12' poles in these bundles cut at 6'. Pole sections are marked (1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4A-4B, 5A-5B) so you can match the butt and tip of each culm.

12' x 2"
These are poles that just missed the "Standard" cut. They are 12' x 2", free of slash marks and burn marks and still a step up from what you'd find at most nurseries selling these size poles. For the most part, they got knocked out of my "A" pole category because of a few too many cosmetic blemishes. These poles can be used to build a perfectly suitable rod. Flaming will hide most marks or you can be like one of the old famous guys and just leave a "beauty" mark here and there in your finished rod! Perfect for folks who want a budget pole for testing, flaming or if you're okay with a fly-rod with more character...




The Bamboo Broker has been selling poles to the agricultural and nursery trades since 1997. Our buyer, Andy Royer, visits China every year to oversee the purchase of bamboo poles directly from individual collection sites in the bamboo forests of Southern China. We know of no better way to select and buy poles. The partnerships we have cultivated and our hands-on approach to purchasing enable us to offer exceptional savings to our wholesale customers and to maintain the highest quality control standards.

Please contact us directly for more information and prices for wholesale bamboo poles and stakes.




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